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Coach - for each game,
You are expected to have a copy of Playing Rules,
New roster printed each week,
Player passes,
and a blank game report.

Recommended your club appoint a field marshal for each game.

STAR patch - recognizing good sportsmanship

Let's not forget that issuing the STAR patch at the end of each game to an opposing player is supposed to represent our leagues' efforts towards good sportsmanship - something we should all be conscious of during the course of the season. Let's make sure it's done with respect to the acronym itself - Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Attitude and Respect!
STTSL Playing Rules

STTSL Game Day Responsibilities

STTSL Game Report

STTSL Joe Delity Memorial Playoff Game Rules

(tournament rules are a modification of regular rules. All other regular rules apply)


Proposed Tournament Rules